Summer Internship

Bachelor students from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and Francisco de Paula Santander University (Colombia) made a summer internship at Polymers and Electronic Organic Unit, BUAP. May-July 2019

Postdoctoral Stay Ignacio Ballester Ph.D.

Ignacio Ballester Pardo, postdoctoral researcher, from Alicante University, worked on project “The poetic experimentalism of Mexico in the XXI century” with Literary Culture Studies: Theory and Critical Analysis from Spanish America group, from January to May 2019.

Research Stay. Gabriel Álvarez Ph.D.

Gabriel Omar Alvarez, from Universidade Federal de Goiás, carried out research activities and seminars for BUAP students on social research based on the audiovisual image, working with Image, Memory and Social Research group, from March to June 2019.

Human-Computer Interaction Lectures

The LKE lab organized the V Ibero-American Conference "Human-computer interaction" at BUAP in collaboration with five invited foreign speakers: Carina González (U. de la Laguna) Luis Gonzalo Aller (CTO Fotón Sistemas Inteligentes), Antonio Granollers Saltiveri (Universitat de Lleida), John Alexis Guerra (Universidad de los Andes) y Alfonso Infante Moreno (Universidad de Huelva ).

Karim Kattan at BUAP

Plastic and Audiovisual Arts Group invite Karim Kattan to give a workshop and a lecture to students and teachers about art and resistance.